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Drenched Fitness


Drenched Fitness is the #1 results-driven, high-energy group-fitness studio, combining HIIT method cardio and strength-training workouts, to maximize fat loss and muscle definition. The classes are designed and instructed by certified professional trainers, and are like personal training in a group setting. The trainers guide you through the most effective workout, using treadmills, TRX training, free weights and dynamic cable training on the FLEXLINE machine. The result is Drenched Fit™, increased metabolism, stamina, muscle definition, fat loss and extended calorie burn for up to 38 hours.

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Sunday: 8:15AM – 5:15PM

Monday: 6AM – 7:45PM

Tuesday – Thursday: 5:30AM – 7:45PM


Friday: 5:30AM – 6:30PM

Saturday: 7AM – 11:45AM

Drenched Fitness

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